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Fierce the conflict

Fierce the conflict
By Norman H. Cliff

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The moving stories of how eight Chinese Christians suffered for Jesus Christ and remained faithful


Much is known about the miraculous survivaland rapid growth of the church in China in the half century following Liberation, but relatively little is known about the courageous stand that many individual Christians took in the difficultdays of the “Accusation Meetings” and the traumatic ten years of the Cultural Revolution.


Fierce the Conflict relates the hardship and struggle of eight believers whose faith was tested through periods of persecution, imprisonment and forced labour. These carefully documented stories illustrate the sustaining grace of God and will challenge readers to examine their own fidelity to Christ. The author, Dr. Norman Cliff, was born in China to missionary parents and his first-hand knowledge of the country and some of the believers profiled in this volume makes the telling of these stories that much more personal. This book will open your eyes and heart to the work of God in the vast country of China.


"As we read this book we are led to see that it was out of the crucible of persecution and severe testing of a handful of men and women of faith that God did a deep heart-work that laid the groundwork for the revival to come. Christ crucified was, and is, the centre of the faith of Chinese Christians. Walking the way of the cross they entered deeply into the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings and emerged quietly triumphant."

—TONY LAMBERT, Director for Research, Chinese Ministries, OMF International

  • A. ISBN 978-1894400121
  • B. Binding Paperback
  • C. Page count 208
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